My Review of “No End to Trouble A St. Polycarp School Mystery” By Marianna Heusler

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I would like to thank the author for an edition of “No End To Trouble : A St. Polycarp School Mystery” by Marianna Heusler  for my honest review.

The genres of this book are mystery or cozy mystery.

I find that the author describes St. Polycarp  School as a building were there were several murders a few years before.  Father Felix, the former head of the school is now at the Vatican, and there is a new principal, Mrs. Logan. Mrs. Logan is portrayed as a cold ,callous demanding, rigid, assertive, no nonsense type of leader. The new principal has plans for a new over-haul of the school from a change in curriculum, to a change in staff. Mrs. Logan has brought her secretary and other members from her former school to St. Polycarp. Her manipulative ways of dealing with a tenured teacher (that she chooses to get rid of) is to place the teacher where she will not be comfortable, and have less of a chance to succeed. For example a second grade teacher would be moved up to fifth grade.

Two of the former teachers of St.Polycarp, Mrs. Hopwood and Mrs. Johnson were able to solve the murders in the past at the school and are unhappy that Father Felix is away. In addition, they are miserable that Mrs. Logan is the new principal. Mrs. Hopwood is moved from the second grade to the fifth, and is insecure and terrified of dealing with the new curriculum and the older children. Mrs. Johnson is not thrilled with  the rigid principal and regimented rules. The teachers, staff, parents and children are not happy.

On back to school night the parents arrive to meet and greet the teachers. There is a spread of cookies and brownies, and everything seems to be in order.That is, until one of the Kitchen staff takes a brownie off Mrs. Logan’s desk, and drops dead. Was this brownie meant for Mrs. Logan?

There are many twists and turns, and there are teachers, staff, parents and others who could have a motive, and are suspect. Of course our busybody teachers Mrs. Hopwood and Mrs.Johnson want to get to the bottom of this. Could this get them fired or possibly murdered?

This was a delightful and intriguing mystery and I enjoyed reading this.

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