My Review of “Wild Life” by Alison Brodie


“Wild Life” by Alison Brodie is an entertaining,charming and  a delightful read. The genre of this novel is fiction, but there is  humor and romance as well. I feel it has a magical feel, and a little bit of Fairytale, or Folktale as well.

Kudos to Alison Brodie for making a statement about the importance of our land, trees, and the natural environment, and protecting it from land developers. I find that the author describes and weaves  social issues as the environment, foster care, drugs, family,and community within the story.

The characters are flawed, dysfunctional, complex and complicated.  We are introduced to Faustine, now a model who has just signed a significant contract with a large Lingerie company. Her contract stipulates that she will do nothing to embarrass the company. Faustine is called home for an emergency. A land developer is going to destroy the trees near her father’s house, and build homes. Faustine is attached to one tree that she calls “Bob”. The community builds a tree house where  Faustine can stay so the tree can’t be taken down. This tree also is significant to Faustine, because of the memories of her deceased mother, and often she would go to the tree and express her feelings.

McPherson is a wealthy arrogant builder who needs to get rid of the trees to build his community. McPherson grew up in poverty and remembers when he and his mom were evicted and had no place to go . His dream of these homes is to make it affordable for those who would  never dream of getting a house.

Faustine is surprised to find that 9 year old Oscar has been living in this tree. He is supposed to be in Foster care, but his aunt doesn’t really want the responsibility.

When Faustine and Oscar meet McPherson, there is war!! Faustine dons a mask so she won’t be recognized and uses her sister’s name. Faustine wants the trees, and McPherson wants the land. Each tries to undermine the other. The bickering and plotting between the two adults is amusing. Is there a line between love and hate?

Faustine tries to get Oscar to go to school. Oscar for a 9 year old is extremely manipulating.

I read this novel in one sitting and didn’t want to put this down. I highly recommend this amusing and intriguing novel!

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