My Review of “Didn’t Get Frazzled” by David Z. Hirsch

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I would like to thank the author for a copy of “Didn’t Get Frazzled” for my honest review.  The genres of this book are Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, and Humor.

In “Didn’t Get Frazzled”, David Z. Hirsch describes the quirky and zany characters in their first years of Medical School.

Seth Levine, portrayed as insecure in his private relationships, but amazingly professional as a medical student, intern, then resident, narrates the story. He introduces us to his friends, colleagues, physicians and supporting staff.

Seen through Seth’s eyes, some of the interns and physicians are indifferent, callous, rude, uncaring and unprofessional to the medical students as well as the patients.  Seth seems to have a knack for providing compassion and understanding to patients,who are frightened and worried. He helps as best that he can answering their questions and listening to their concerns. His supervisors don’t seem to get the whole picture, and as frustrating as that is David calmly does the best that he can and “doesn’t get frazzled.”

As the medical students become aware of the various rotations in the hospital, they have to become adept at learning and doing. As interns, they have to become more adept at doing, and making decisions on their own.

This might seem serious, but David Z Hirsch,  describes the settings and the characters in a humorous way. I found myself laughing out loud at certain settings.

David Z. Hirsch describes the medical relationships, and the patients who become well, and those that don’t. There is the sadness and frustration and anger, when a patient dies. Of course a hospital is a setting of life and death.

Seth also provides information on his single friends, and their relationships. There are times when it is important to have someone to talk too. How does one separate their private lives from their professional ones?

This was an enjoyable read, and I would recommend it.

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