My Review of “A Little of Chantelle Rose” by Cristina Hodgson

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I would like to thank the author for an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of “A Little of Chantelle Rose” by Cristina Hodgson for my honest review.

The genres of this book: Romance,Chick Lit, Humor, and Cozy Mystery. This book will be published in May 2017.

Chantelle Rose, one of the characters is the narrator of the story.  Chantelle Rose is a complex character described as having a self-deprecating sense of humor, moments of amnesia, insecurity, and doubts of her self worth.  Chantelle becomes an extra of an extra in a movie that exposes more of her than she would like.

Chantelle lives in England, and has been working in a coffee shop. Chantelle and her friend Tammy take a drive, and discover a charming cottage that is for sale.They stop where they see a handsome man on a horse, Robbie, who is tending to the grounds. Chantelle and Tammy drive onand get stuck in the mud.  Robbie passes by and helps them get the car out.  Chantelle  is attracted to Robbie’s kindness, and imagines a life with him in the cottage.

After the movie is in theaters, a director approaches her and offers her one million dollars to be in a film. Chantelle is quite vague and naive, not realizing what her role will be. She travels to  the United States and meets actor Lionel King, who seems to be a doppelganger to Robbie. Chantelle has decided that with the money from the movie, she will buy the cottage in England that reminds her of Robbie.

The setting of the story takes place in the United States where the filming is done,  and in England. When Chantelle buys the cottage, she receives mysterious threatening letters. Who wants her to leave and why?

Cristina Hodgson describes her characters as complicated, complex, with different motivations. There are some strange characters with negative intentions, that could make them suspect. The author also describes characters who need materialistic wealth, and characters that are grounded and happy living a simple life.

I enjoyed and would recommend this story. The ending is left open, and I hope that the author will be writing a sequel where the loose ends are tied up. I look forward to reading one!

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