My review of “The Saturday Evening Girls Club” by Jane Healey

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imageI would like to thank NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing, and Jane Healey for an ARC of “The Saturday Evening Girls Club” by Jane Healey for my honest review.

The genres of this book are General Fiction(Adult), and Women’ Fiction. I also feel that this is Historical Fiction and Romance.
Kudos to Jane Healey who did the historical research about The Saturday Evening Girls Club, and other clubs in Boston North in the early 1900s.
The club offered young women, especially immigrants, the wonderful artistic opportunity for making pottery, and supporting the arts with drama and music. These clubs were sponsored by wealthy women and women who loved the arts. The club offered the opportunity for young women to have friends. The pottery became valuable, and is known as Paul Revere Pottery.
The story takes place in Boston North in the early 1900’s when four young women become friends through the Saturday Evening Girl’s Club. They are young immigrants working mostly in dress design and making hats. I like the way the author describes their homes in small apartments, and many neighbors. Although these girls were not rich, they were bound to their families traditions. Although the girls came from Jewish and Italian homes, they respected each other.
Caprice gave her pay check to her family and tried to save for her dream to own her own hat shop. When the store closes where she has worked, she starts to work at the pottery shop. Caprice is extremely talented in decorating and trimming hats, and holds on to her dream of owning her own shop one day.
Ada, is a young intelligent Jewish immigrant. She has been taking college courses at night, and keeping it a secret from her father. Ada more than anything wants to be a physician.
Maria is a gorgeous Italian dressmaker,who lives at home with an alcoholic father, who causes major stress to her family.
Thea is a young Jewish immigrant, who is the first to be engaged to a man , by an arrangement by her family.
Saturday nights are so important to these young women as they share there secrets,hopes and dreams. The club is so important to them. Caprice, Ada and Maria want to break with certain traditions and choose what they want to do in their lives. They want to choose someone they love. They want to live their dreams.
Jane Healey writes about family, friendship, tradition, choice, support, love and hope. The author also writes about goals, dreams, and working hard for what one believes in.
It is amazing how the author describes her characters, settings and situations. I enjoyed this intriguing and heartwarming novel and would highly recommend this.

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