My review of “CYBER CRISIS: It’s Personal Now” by William Keiper

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I would like to thank  First Global Publishing and the author for a copy of “CYBER  CRISIS It’s Personal Now” by William Keiper.

The genres of this book are Nonfiction and Self-Help.

I have to admit that I was downright annoyed  and angry when I got a call from my credit card company telling me that there was a really good chance that I was hacked. A new card was to be sent the next day. This was not the first time. There was a problem shopping at Target, where many people’s credit cards were compromised, including mine.

Kudos to William Keiper for the  realistically frightening insight between our real life and online life. The author  makes the point that with the click of one’s finger, one is in cyberspace. He also wants to make us aware of the “factors and conditions that can put us in Cyber Crisis.”  Smartphones, tablets, computer,e-mails, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc can lead to problems. If one’s personal information is hacked it is considered a data breach. Collateral damage can be seen in Identity theft, and major sites such as Yahoo being hacked.

The author also describes one’s addiction to cell phones and computers. It is typical for a person to look at his cellphone every few minutes. Smart phones also have games and gambling.Often a security code is not used, and certain sites are not safe.

Cybercrimes is a source of tremendous illegal wealth.  Selling one’s identity and credit card information gets money.

William Keiper mentions all the ways that we can protect and keep our personal information safe. He also lists many sources to check if we  question the security. I found this to be an informative and interesting read and would highly recommend it.

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