My Review of “Burntown” by Jennifer McMahon


I would like to thank NetGalley and Doubleday for the ARC of “Burntown” by Jennifer McMahon for my honest review. The genres of the story are Mystery, Thriller, Women’s Fiction, and Fantasy.
Jennifer McMahon has written an unusual busy novel where genres quickly shift! The mystery seems to revolve around some plans that Thomas Edison had made years before and falls into one family’s hands. In this family, there have been generations of death. The few survivors of this family are in danger,
The author also describes women who live around the abandoned mills and the murky river as “Fire Eaters”. These homeless women use different herbs to tell the past present and future. This area is know as Burntown.
The author portrays many of her characters as what society would call “misfits”. They are strange.quirky, complex and complicated people.
Three unusual characters find themselves bonded together in this mystery. “Necco” is one of the surviving members of the family, that originally had Thomas Edison’s plans. Theo is a high school student who finds herself in huge trouble. Pru, works in a School Cafeteria and has an unusual second life.
This novel is packed with adventure, murders, fantasy, and action.
One of my favorite characters in this novel is Pru, who has a dream and has hope.
This is a fast moving novel with twists and turns. Towards the end of the story, I was able to predict what was going to happen from various clues. I hope you enjoy reading this!!

4 comments on “My Review of “Burntown” by Jennifer McMahon”

  1. The books sounds fascinating. I’m surprised you were able to figure it out, given the “twists and turns,” but I think that’s good for readers who might otherwise be frustrated by such a complicated work.


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