My Review of “The Heirs” by Susan Rieger

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I would like to thank LibraryThing and Crown  for an  ARE (Advanced Reading Edition) of “The Heirs” by Susan Rieger  for my honest review.

The genre of this book  is Women’s Fiction. The author describes the characters in the family as dysfunctional, complicated, confused and complex.

The Falkes family is an upper crust/ upper class family in New York. Eleanor, the mother comes from old money. Rupert, the father was an orphan born in England and was very lucky to get many chances to become a self-made man. When Rupert comes to America, he has the opportunity to do very well. The Falkes have five boys, who are afforded the best in life.

When Rupert Falkes  dies, the fiber and the string of the family seems to unravel. A woman claiming that Rupert was the father of her two adult sons wants part of the inheritance. The five Falkes brothers are all adults, each with their own complex relationships.

Their father’s possible secrets and lack of truth causes the sons to question his loyalty, as well as bring up self-doubts. We are introduced to other characters that revolve around the Falkes lives. The story is told through each of the characters.

I like the way the author shows the values of family, love, loyalty , honesty and growth. The question of will money bring happiness is shown in this novel. Is it really true that we know someone well? Is it better to look away or face the truth? These are some of the thoughts I am left with while thinking about the book.

Susan Rieger has done an amazing job of her descriptions of the characters and plot. This was an intriguing book and I would recommend it highly.

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