My Review of “Where the Sweet Bird Sings” by Ella Joy Olsen

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC of “Where the Sweet Bird Sings” by Ella Joy Olsen.
The genre of this book is General Fiction. It also has a touch of historical fiction. The author also talks about researching ones ancestors, genetics ,and DNA research, which I find intriguing and fascinating. The timeline described in this story is in the past and present.
Ella Joy Olsen describes her characters as complicated and complex.
Emma Hazelton and her husband Noah have lost their baby son to a rare genetic disease. Mourning and grieving have caused a strain on their marriage. Noah wants a biological child, but the statistics are not in their favor. Emma doesn’t know if she can go through this again, and questions everything. Emma is also mourning the death of her beloved grandfather.
As Emma is clearing out her grandfather’s house, she finds an old wedding picture of her grandfathers parents. She notices another woman in the picture that has a striking resemblance to Emma.
Emma’s brother and girlfriend want to have a baby and decide to have genetic testing to see if they can avoid the illness that Emma’s son died from. Emma also has additional DNA testing to see what might have caused this genetic illness from their ancestors.
While doing research, Emma becomes aware of family secrets through several generations. Her mother also seems to have some major secrets.
The author presents the topics of betrayal, family secrets, forgiveness, love and hope. I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it.

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