My Review of “Royally Roma” by Teri Wilson

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I  loved the way  Teri Wilson incorporated romance and adventure in “Royally Roma” The genre of “Royally Roma” is Romance. I appreciate the author’s descriptions of the scenery and significant destinations to tour in Rome.  The architecture and history of the Coliseum (Colosseum), statues, restored ruins, fountains, and churches are depicted.

Teri Wilson describes the characters as complex, complicated, overwhelmed and secretive.

Julia Costa has run away from home in America , where her father has embezzled millions of dollars from clients, and now is in jail. Julia is ambitious and  is working as a tour guide in Rome to help pay her expenses, so she can finish her thesis  for her Masters  in Archeology.

Niccolo La Torre, is the Crown Prince of Lazaretto, has the responsibilities of traveling to different countries as an ambassador of good will. Niccolo is also responsible for cleaning up  his older brother’s embarrassing actions that reflect on his country. Niccolo needs to have some freedom.

Julia goes to the hotel to meet her client for her tour.  Julia presumes that Niccolo is her client and they start on their adventure. Of course, Julia doesn’t know who Niccolo is and Niccolo has no idea of Julia’s family history.  Both have reason to avoid the press or Paparazzi.

Is there such a person as Prince Charming?  Does Julia finally get her happily ever after?

This was a charming, enchanting and sexy story with lots of adventure. I would recommend it highly. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.


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