My Review of “The Forever Summer” by Jamie Brenner

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by Jamie Brenner (Goodreads Author)


Linda Zagon‘s review

Apr 20, 2017 ·  edit
it was amazing

I absolutely loved everything about “The Forever Summer” by Jamie Brenner! Kudos to Jamie for such a heartwarming and emotional read.
The genre of this novel is Women’s Fiction.
The descriptions of the scenic beach were wonderful. One could certainly identify with the characters collecting seashells, and walking barefoot in the sand, or walking on the rocks by the water. The Beach Side Inn has such a cozy feel, with a close community of people.
The characters were flawed, complex, complicated with contrasts, similarities and differences. Most of the characters were likeable, and at times some were not likeable. I related to the characters, and their emotions.
Many of the topics in this novel are relevant today. What if by chance, you took a DNA test for the fun of it, and discovered the results were not what you thought.? What if it traced different familial lineage? What if you discovered secrets buried in your family that seemed like a betrayal? Imagine that you discovered new family members.
In “The Forever Summer”, the author writes about family, betrayal, forgiveness, secrets, trust, loyalty, love and hope. This was such an endearing and emotional story and I would highly recommend it! I received an advanced copy for my honest review.

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