My Review of “The Sunshine Sisters” by Jane Green

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I would like to thank First to Read, Berkley, and Jane Green for the ARC of “The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green for my honest review.
The genres of this novel and Women’s Fiction and Drama.
Jane Green writes about a truly dysfunctional family. She describes her characters as complicated and complex for starters. This is a heavy family drama.
The mother, Ronni Sunshine is an actress and reminds me of a “Mommy Dearest” type person. Totally narcissistic, and unavailable as a mother to her three daughters, she has created a toxic environment for them. Ronni is very moody and takes it out on two of her daughters when she is having a dark day. She is constantly critical of her daughters and always complaining.
The three daughters have very different personalities and have different ways of coping with their mother’s temperament. This reflects in their relationships to one another and to to others. This also contributes to many life choices and their professions.
An older Ronni calls her three daughters home, when she learns that her has a fatal illness. Upon reflection, Ronni wants to make amends to her daughters, and she wants her daughters to relate to one another and become a family.
Is Ronni asking the impossible? How can three sisters who have been separated by choice,come together? Is it possible to show forgiveness to their mother.
I love the way Jane Green writes the emotional story and discusses, family, mother and daughter relationships, self-worth, growth, forgiveness, love and hope? What does make a family?
I would highly recommend this intriguing and dramatic family novel.

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