My Review of “Millie’s Angel” by Kim Peterson

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‘Millie’s Angel” by Kim Peterson is an unusual novel which is intriguing and suspenseful. The genres for “Millie”s Angel” are Fiction and Women’s Fiction.  There is also a feeling of Mysticism. In my  opinion, this novel might be considered Paranormal or Inspirational Fiction.:” Inspirational fictions emphasizes morals, values, and life lessons from unconventional standpoints.”-Wikipedia

Kim Peterson portrays her character Millie feeling an “angelic, celestial presence.” Millie has been abandoned by her mother, and is helping to bring her brother up. Her father is mentally unstable, and at times shows a very dark personality.  Millie seems to see the world in colors, butterflies, light, and angel’s wings. The author describes  Millie’s train of thoughts in the world making her feel that “she holds the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.”Despite life’s burdens,Millie seems to have faith and hope, and also seems to light up the world around her.

There is symbolism of good and evil in this story. Some of the characters do extremely immoral and malicious things. Their actions are vicious, and they have no control over their actions. They possess demonic qualities.

I was thinking of many philosophical possibilities when I was reading this book. There is suspense, and yet at times the story was predictable.

This was an unique story that can be interpreted in different ways. It is also hard to fit into any one genre. I received a copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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