My review of “A Kiss to Build A Dream On” by Katie Baldwin

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What would you do if an actor that you had a crush on appeared at your place of work drunk and incapacitated?

This is how the story begins in “A Kiss to Build A Dream On” by Katie Baldwin,published by The Wild Rose Press. The genre of this novel is Romance. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

Bethany Michaels works in a library. Bethany as described by the author is a kind, loyal, nurturing and vulnerable. Bethany has nightmares at night and seems to be dealing with some secrets. Leaving work one day she slips and falls and skins her knee. As she gets up she notices a familiar person who is quite drunk and out of it. It seems that this is Bethany’s crush, actor Aidan Shannon. Bethany always trying to be helpful, gets Aidan to her home.

Aidan wakes up and finds himself in Bethany’s guest room. Bethany had prepared a remedy for his hangover and makes breakfast for him. Aidan is reminded of his home in Ireland, and likes Bethany’s baking. He feels comfortable and wants to see her again.

Aidan is also quite attracted to Bethany and wants her. He seems to be quite in “lust” for her. Aidan can promise no more than a short relationship. Bethany wants to experience more of life, and goes along with Aidan’s suggestion.

Aidan has been a player, and is recently divorced with a vindictive ex-wife. Will he ever be ready for more of a relationship?

This is a quick and easy read with lots of sex. I look forward to seeing more of the plot. and character development. I hope this is continued in another book. Is it possible to find true love?

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