My Review of “Before the Rain Falls” by Camille Di Maio

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I would like to thank NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and Camille Di Maio for the ARC of “Before the Rain Falls” by Camille Di Maio for my honest review.
The genres for this book are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. The story had suspense and an essence of history.
I loved Camille Di Maio’s style of writing which had me so engrossed that I didn’t want to put the book down. I also appreciated the descriptions of Puerto Pasar and Texas. I could imagine the stifling and suffocating heat. I found the descriptions of the church, and the local stores, and tantalizing foods amazing..
The characters in this story were complex, complicated and conflicted. Della Lee, has been released from prison after serving a seven decade sentence for the murder of her sister Eula. She arrives at her home in Puerto Pasar.
Paloma Vego, is a physician who comes home to Puerto Pasar, to see her grandmother, who is recovering from a heart attack and her younger sister who seems to have a way of finding trouble.
Mick Anders, is a suspended journalist, who has been sent to write a story about a painting in Puerto Pasar.
The timeline of the story alternates between the past and present. There are two storylines. One is of the hard life that Della Lee has faced in prison. The other is Paloma’s and Mick’s search to find their personal answers to what they are seeking..
The author describes the importance, love and sacrifice for family. The author also discusses betrayal, loyalty, support, and friendship.
This was a fantastic read that I enjoyed, and would recommend it highly. There are some Kleenex moments. I look forward to more of Camille Di Maio’s books.

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