My Review of : “Higgins Hotel” by Carla Coffman

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I received a copy of “Higgins Hotel” by Carla Coffman , published by AuthorHouse  for my honest review.

The genre of “Higgins Hotel” is Mystery and Suspense.

The author describes the setting of the story in the coal fields of West Virginia.Some of the characters live in ranches or “trailers”, and are hardworking individuals. There also is the Higgins Hotel and gym which provides space for a real estate company. There also is a bank.

The characters of this story are described as flawed,some complex, and hardworking and trying to make ends meet. Some of the women who live in the trailers have children and they trade -off  favors for babysitting.

Jack Higgins inherited the Higgins Hotel and gym from an aunt many years before. Jack is suspected of racketeering and betting, and is carefully watched by the FBI. A close friend and bookie, Chuck Floyd is often in the gym boxing with Jack. Both Jack and Chuck seem to behave in a shady way. Jack can be soft-hearted and often hires and promotes workers from the hotel. Jack also shows a rough and uncaring side to his wife, who has left for a while to see her family in Florida.

Many of the people in this town are everyday sort of people, one would never suspect of hurting or killing someone. First a bomb is delivered to the bank, and the person who receives it is hurt, then dies. Then there seem to be a cast of characters that are killed off.

In this mystery, what are the motivations for these crimes? Who is responsible and why?

The author has various characters, and gives each character a chapter to share what is going on in their life.  I couldn’t find too many clues from this. It seemed to be a weak mystery, where life just goes on. I would have liked more adventure, and more answers to my questions. I would rate this story a 3-3+.

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