My Review of “White Fur” by Jardine Libaire

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Linda's Book Obsession:

imageI would like to thank NetGalley and Crown Publishing, Hogarth, and Jardine Libaire for the ARC (Advanced Reading Copy)  of “White Fur” by Jardine Libaire for my honest review.  Kudos to Jardine Libaire for her storytelling of such a unique, strange, unusual and bizarre novel. The author’s descriptions of people, places and things are amazing.

The genres of this story are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. The time line of the story takes place in the 1980’s. The story first takes place in New Haven, then Long Island, New York City, Wyoming , Chicago and other places.

The author describes the characters as complex and complicated, with flawed and possibly dysfunctional personalities.

Out two main characters, Elise Perez and Jamie Hyde  come from different worlds of opportunity.  Elise was born to a sixteen year old mother, who made many poor choices. Elyse grew up in poverty witnessing her mother’s boyfriends inappropriate…

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