Thank you! @Leah DeCesare for winning the Graduation giveaway!So Excited! You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter!



YEAH! I won the Graduation package with “Forks, Knives and Spoons” by author Leah DeCesare! I love the giveaway, Leah DeCesare’s SIGNED book, a personal postcard, book mark,”Imagine, Believe, Achieve Bag””Believe in Yourself” in sparkly frame, and a great coffee mug “COFFEE Because adulting is HARD” My husband picked up the cup, and I told him “HANDS OFF!! I share, but not today. I have been looking forward to reading “Forks,Knives and Spoons”,and this is my next read. I promise, reviews to follow!!

I get excited when I win. This is the person who went to a hotel years ago with said husband. We were playing BINGO, and each getting not one letter. Finally, the woman in charge called out, “We’ll play and if you don’t get any letters you win!!” Kind of her to notice we had politely sat through several games like that. But we won! So now, when I win, especially books I really get excited.

To those who think, they won’t win, you can’t unless you enter. So next time an author, or a blogger, a reviewer, or a publisher offers the chance, try it. What’s the worst that can happen? And maybe you’ll win!! Thank you again Leah DeCesare for such an amazing motivational package!!!






4 comments on “Thank you! @Leah DeCesare for winning the Graduation giveaway!So Excited! You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter!”

  1. You’re so sweet, Linda! Congratulations to a lovely winner! I hope you enjoy re-living the late 1980s ๐Ÿ™‚ and I look forward to your review. Have a terrific weekend!


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