My Review of “The Waking Land” by Callie Bates

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I would like to thank Del Rey /Penguin Random House, Goodreads and Callie Bates for the Advanced Reading Edition of “The Waking Land” by Callie Bates for my honest review. The genre for this book is Fantasy.

I would highly recommend “The Waking Land” for those readers  who enjoy Fantasy and Magic.

Kudos to author  Callie Bates for her amazing descriptions of the scenic location in the novel and her story-telling. I loved the adventure and twists and turns. I especially enjoyed the essence of magic and the land. There also is political discussions and debates about the rulers.

The characters were complex, complicated and confused. Lady Elena was kidnapped from her father’s home when she was five years old by a man who becomes the new King. Elena has a love with plant live and the earth. After many years, she regards this King as her father. The King is poisoned and Elena is blamed.Elena is forced to look for her roots.

This story deals with betrayal, loyalty,power, magic and hope for peace. I enjoyed the suspense and thrilling action!

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