My Review of ” BEAUTIFUL BODIES’ by Kimberly Rae Miller

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Is there such a thing as being too thin? I don’t think I know too many people who haven’t tried one diet or another. In “BEAUTIFUL BODIES A Memoir” by Kimberly Rae Miller, bestselling author of “Coming Clean”(a book about Hoarding), she discusses her obsession with having a “beautiful or perfect body”.

I appreciate and I am very impressed that Kimberly Rae Miller not only shares her experiences, but has done tremendous research into studies about the science of fat and weight loss.

Kimberly became very weight conscious when she was seven years old. Although she weighed 60 pounds, she felt somehow that she weighed 125 pounds like her mother. Even as a younger girl, Kimberly would watch Sesame Street and watching the Inuit people survive the cold by eating fat, Kimberly would sneak the fat her mother was cutting off the meat.   Kimberly would absorb any information about dieting. As she got older, Kimberly tried out for some modeling assignments, and acting. As she matured, she constantly battled to be thin. She went on some extreme diets to try to win a Junior Beauty Pageant.  She exercised to the extreme and starved herself.

In this memoir, the author discusses her awareness, struggles and pain of not having the perfect body. When she finds that a boyfriend had been cheating with a “thin and petite” woman, she struggles emotionally with the fact that she was not good enough because she did not have the prefect body.

Ironically, Kimberly worked for a media show that wanted someone “average size” to discuss health issues. Kimberly did research and did know facts, but realized every individual is different. Kimberly shares her struggles and growth and discusses how society puts certain demands for having a “beautiful body”. Kimberly also discusses about being happy, and showing acceptance of who we are.  She talks about moderation and avoiding extremes. I certainly could relate to Kimberly’s struggles and acceptance, and would highly recommend this memoir for anyone who has to struggle with their weight, self-confidence, and acceptance. I received an ARE (Advanced Reading Edition) from the Publisher for my honest review.

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