My Review of “THE ADDRESS” by Fiona Davis


Kudos to author Fiona Davis, author of “The Address” for her artistic descriptions, historical research, and her amazing research. The genre of “The Address is Historical Fiction, based on actual history, and written as a novel of fiction. 

The timelines of the story are set a century apart, 1884, “The Gilded Age” and 1985, also considered a time of partying use of drugs, and alcohol. In 1884, “The Dakota” one of the first luxury apartment buildings set on the Upper West Side was built, surrounded by farms and the countryside.  The architect Thomas Camden had visions of a new Upper West Side. The Dakota had every amenity. There was a dining room, a tailor and more on the premises to meet the residents needs. “The Dakota” will certainly be known as “The Address” where the wealthy and elite reside.

The author describes the characters as complex and complicated.  Sara comes from England at the request of Thomas Camden to assist with the grand opening of “The Dakota” and to assist with overseeing the staff in 1884.

In 1985, Bailey an interior designer, and just our of rehabilitation for Alcoholism, comes to The Dakota to modernize it for her cousin, a descendent of Thomas Camden. Bailey really would like to keep the original ornaments and accessories from a century before. There are twists and turns in this novel and there is also a mystery surrounding a murder.

Although it is a century apart, both Sara and Bailey meet with betrayal, SECRETS, and manipulation by other characters.

I love the way Fiona Davis discusses the relevant topics of the times. Around 1884, women could be committed to an insane asylum without any legal representation. It was worse for women that did not speak English. There was abuse and punishment and many of these women would just disappear. There was also the question of illegitimate children and how society viewed this. In 1985 there was drug and alcohol abuse, especially when the wealthy partied. Also the concept of testing for DNA was new. The wealthy had access to testing for DNA to prove inheritance issues.

I appreciate the way the author discusses the  importance of family, friends, love and hope.  I would highly recommend this intriguing, captivating novel for those readers that love historical fiction, suspense and mystery and romance. I received an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) for my honest review.




8 comments on “My Review of “THE ADDRESS” by Fiona Davis”

  1. I’m not generally a fan of historical fiction but I love stories that entwine past and present as this one appears to do very successfully. That the main characters are women is an added bonus. Thanks for the enlightening review!


  2. Hi Linda. How am I just now finding out about your newsletter? Joined and looking forward to future emails. As you know I am a huge historical fiction fan. I love Fiona Davis’ books. I’m also fascinated by the history of The Dakota.

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