My Review of “Summer on Firefly Lake” by Jen Gilroy

Kudos to Jen Gilroy, author of “Summer on Firefly Lake” for writing such a delightful, emotional, and engaging feel good novel. I am an emotional person, and I  do shed  happy or sad tears, and I did need some Kleenex. (Happy tears)

This is novel that comes after “The Cottage at Firefly Lake”. I have read both, but “Summer on Firefly Lake” can be read alone. The Genres of this novel are Women’s Fiction, Romance, and Contemporary. The timeline in this story is set in the present and only returns to the past  for an explanation for the characters or events in the story.

The author describes her characters as everyday people, that could be our neighbors, with problems and secrets. Some of the characters are complicated and complex. Mia Gibbs is finalizing her divorce and with her daughters live in Firefly Lake. While Mia is renovating the house she bought, she is living , working and helping  Attorney and friend, Nick McGuires’ mother  put her house in order. Nick’s mother is in remission after having treatment for cancer, and Nick would like his mother to downsize and move to a smaller house. Nick and Mia have been friends. Could there be more to this relationship? In this book, we get to meet some colorful and likable characters.

I appreciate that the author writes about relevant topics such as cancer, foster children, spousal abuse, and elder care. The author also describes the importance of family, friendship, honesty, loyalty, courage, forgiveness, giving second chances, love and hope.

I would recommend this book highly for readers of Women’s Fiction, Romance and feel good stories. I really found this book to be captivating and enjoyable. Happy Reading!




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