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Kudos to Author Laurel Saville for her poetic descriptions of the landscape and story in “Beneath the Trees.”  There are different layers in this novel that bring attention to many important conventional topics in society today. The author has a unique way of weaving her story in the elements of nature and giving a feeling of realism to the fictional parts of this novel. The genre for this story is Fiction, with a feel of scientific research. The timeline of this novel is set in the present, only referring to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in this story.

The story takes place in Upper New York State, near the Canadian border in the Adirondack mountains.

The author describes her characters as complicated and complex. Colden McComb is researching and tracking the relationship in nature of moose and beaver and looking for more to observe. She lives part time in Albany to do her academic research. Although it is challenging, Colden has more of a comfortable relationship with nature, than people. Colden is also in an academic and scientific field where she is one of the few women making her way in a system that mostly has been dominated by men.

Colden’s family consists of her father and stepmother.

I appreciate that the author shows compassion to animals. One example is that Colden’s father has a special farm for animals that have been abused or hurt. They are retrained and cared for. He hires people who have been abused as well.

I also love that the author brings attention to environmental matters, conservation, and the understanding of animal life in the wild.

. The author discusses important topics such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, the foster system for children, women working in a male dominated field, the importance for the study of life in the wild, and conservation and the environment.

The author also shows the importance of community, family, friends, neighbors, self- worth, kindness, caring and love.

This is a novel that makes one think of the importance of the environment. Everyone is different, and in this novel the author shows us to learn to accept and help one another. Thank you to Get Red PR, Kindle Press, and Laurel Saville for a copy of this novel for my honest review. I would recommend this novel for readers that enjoy fiction with a realistic feel and contemporary issues. Happy Reading!

Linda Zagon     Lindas Book Obsession

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