Linda Stasi, Author of “Book Of Judas” and Author Brenda Janowitz At The Book Revue

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I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Stasi, author of “Book of Judas” and “The Sixth Station”, and seeing  author Brenda Janowitz again at The Book Revue in Huntington, NY.

Linda is an amazing articulate speaker with such intriguing information. She also is extremely witty. Linda graciously answered “all questions” that Brenda asked her, and then answered questions from the audience.  “Book of Judas” is the sequel to “The Sixth Station”. I read and reviewed “Book of Judas” and I loved the twists and turns and the chase. I also highly recommend this book as an intriguing, intense, and captivating novel. Linda’s motivation for writing “Book of Judas” was after seeing several signs about Judas. In preparation for this novel, Linda traveled to Israel and saw tunnels. Linda also writes for the Daily News.  One of her favorite books is “The English Patient”. Linda has a very busy life, filled with family, writing for the Daily News, and other obligations. I do hope that Linda writes a third book.(PLEASE) (PLEASE)

There was a full house at The Book Revue, and courtesy of Linda there was cheese, crackers, wine, water, candy. Linda graciously signed books. People were smiling and I had a wonderful time.

Brenda Janowitz, filled in last minute and was discussing “Book of Judas” with Linda. Brenda did an amazing job as well! Meeting Linda and seeing Brenda again was such a wonderful experience.

Thank you to Linda and Brenda for taking pictures with me.



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