My Review of “Christmastime 1940″ ” A Love Story” by Linda Mahkovec

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My Review of “Christmastime 1940” A Love Story by Linda Mahkovec


 “Christmastime 1940” by Linda Mahkovec describes the year 1940, around the holiday season. In the background is talk of war, with the Germans invading and fighting Europe.

The genres of this story are Romance, Fiction and Women’s Fiction. This story takes place in 1940 in New York.

 The author describes the characters as complex and complicated.

  I love the vivid presentation and descriptions of the decorations, and the food. “Hot Buttered Rum”, homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows, wood in the fireplace, the Christmas tree and decorations. Theses lend such a cozy feel to this story.

  Widowed Lillian Hapsey and her two young boys have moved to a new apartment in the city. One of their neighbors, Charles Drooms seems very distant,cold, and unfriendly. Charles Drooms has an extremely successful accounting business and seems to be hiding dark secrets, and keeps his distance from people. Lillian is also lonely and feels that underneath the shell that Charles Drooms  hides behind is a different man. She has seen Charles help her son make a snow-ball, when he thinks no one is looking. What is he hiding? At times Charles Drooms reminds me of “Scrooge” at Christmas. What can Lillian do to help?

 I appreciate that the authors discusses the importance of family,friends,neighbors emotional support, hope and love.

 The author also provides a lesson in this story. Forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, and growth are important. I received a copy of this book for my honest review. I would highly recommend this novel as a heartwarming and feel good story.


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