My Review of “Christmastime 1941” “A Love Story” by Linda Mahkovec

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MY REVIEW OF “CHRISTMASTIME 1941” A Love Story” by Linda Mahkovec


I enjoyed this heartwarming novel, “Christmastime 1941” by Linda Mahkovec. The genres for this novel are Romance,and Women’s Fiction and a touch of Historical Fiction.This is the second book in Linda Mahkovec’s series. This book opens two days after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and tensions, fear and uncertainty can be felt at Christmastime this year.The story takes place in New York City.

  The author describes her characters as complicated and complex, perhaps due to the events and circumstances. The characters are the same as in the first book.

  Linda Mahkovec is a master at writing about the character’s emotional feelings. I noticed that a lack of communication and fear of what could happen seem to be evident in several of the characters. Lillian and Charles are engaged,and are visiting Lillian’s sister and family. After Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, Lillian, Charles and Lillian’s two sons Tommy and Gabriel head back home to the city. Lillian notices that Charles seems aloof, and he indicates that he would like to postpone their wedding because of the war.

  Tommy is older and wants to play with older boys, and really doesn’t seem to be watching his younger brother as carefully as he should.

 There are signs of prejudice in the neighborhood. The Italian family that owns a store finds that it is targeted by acts of vandalism. The boy’s babysitter is a lovely German woman, and doesn’t feel comfortable going out. There is the discussion of having a neighborhood bomb shelter.

  Charles’ secretary, Mrs. Murphy who is always so cheerful meets someone from her past, and seems to have dark secrets, and seems to be troubled.

 I love the way Linda Mahkovec discusses the importance of family, friends, neighbors, love, hope, and faith. Other important topics such as orphans,the effects of war,sickness, insecurities, and relationships are evident as well. It is Christmastime 1941 and there are significant changes. I would recommend this book for readers of romance,and fiction. I received a copy of this book for my honest review.

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