My Review of “CHRISTMASTIME 1944” by Linda Mahkovec


imageLinda Mahkovec, how did I get so addicted to The Christmastime Series?  I really NEED to read the next book!!

In “Christmastime 1944”, Linda Mahkovec writes about the years during World War Two. The author’s descriptions of the scenes, the places , and the characters are just so vivid and amazing, there are times I feel like I am there in the actual story.   When Linda writes about making fresh cookies, and the boys in the story come in with their friends , I can smell the cookies, taste the cookies, feel the boy’s excitement, see how delicious they are and want to take one. Linda has a way of telling and depicting details, it just feels so real.

The genres for this story are Fiction, Romance, Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction. I can appreciate the hours of historical research that the author  has worked on. The story takes place in 1944, around Christmastime, mostly in New York City and the surrounding areas, and in Illinois on Kate’s farm. This is during World War Two, so the there is mention of the areas where the American soldiers are fighting.

The characters in the story  are complex, complicated, confused, and depressed due to the effects of the War.  Most of the characters have been  in the “Christmastime series”, and the author introduces us to a few more.  Lillian Drooms and her two boys eagerly await for her husband, Charles to come home for Christmas. Lillian is getting more confident in her artistic talent and career, and still volunteering. The boys miss their father, and are preparing for a holiday play.  Charles’  sister Kate  has her hands full on the farm in Illinois. Prisoners of War have been helping Kate manage to keep the farm, and there are obvious tensions regarding them. Kate’s daughters are trying to deal with their problems in their own way.

I love the way Linda Mahkovec, describes how the people at home feel and at the same time she describes the feelings of out soldiers, and the prisoners of war. Everything seems so confusing. War is terrible, and has a terrible effect on everyone. How can Christmas be a happy time?

The author describes the importance of  family, friends, neighbors, love, faith and hope.  The author talks about both men and women working and fighting for freedom, and being brave and courageous.   I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy Historical Fiction, and Fiction. I was captivated and  enjoyed every moment, and I couldn’t put the book down. BE WARNED: The Christmastime series is addicting!  Happy Reading!

2 comments on “My Review of “CHRISTMASTIME 1944” by Linda Mahkovec”

  1. Linda, thank you so much for this glowing review!! I’m so glad you read it. Your stamp of approval means a lot to me. I’m eager to get back to see how the sales and reviews are doing. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done! Best, Linda

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