My Review of “Secrets of Cavendon” by Barbara Taylor Bradford


My Review of “Secrets of Cavendon” by Barbara Taylor Bradford, St. Martins Press, November 2017

“Secrets of Cavendon” by Barbara Taylor Bradford is an engaging and entertaining novel. The genres for this book are Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. This is a book that is part of The Cavendon Chronicles( part of a series), but I was able to keep up with the story and characters. This series involves the Inghams and the Swanns, their friendship, and marriages. The blurb says,””The Secrets of Cavendon picks up in the summer of 1949, with a new generation of the estate at the forefront of the scandal and intrigue.”
The author describes the characters as complex, and complicated. Some are strong, and courageous, and loyal, and there are secrets, betrayals and danger .  My favorite character is Cecily, who is motivated to keep Cavendon running smoothly. Cavendon is an opulent  and gorgeous  estate with gardens  and beautiful exquisite architecture. Cavendon provides the  perfect landscape for creative endeavors. Cecily realizes that between the taxes and the cost of keeping Cavendon, something must be done. Another character that I admire is Aunt Charlotte who seems to provide wonderful advice and has the means to implement them. The women are hardworking and capable. I love seeing how the women in the family bond together.

There are secrets of both the Inghams and Swanns  recorded in diaries and books throughout  the history of the Cavendon.  Is this enough of a reason for betrayal or even murder?

I love that the author  shows the importance of family, loyalty, love, faith, hope and determination. I also find that the “sisterhood ” of women helping support one another through various crisis is admirable.  I would highly recommend this book for readers of Women’s fiction. I would also suggest reading the other books in the proper order. I would like to thank Barbara Taylor Bradford, and  St. Martins Press and  for an Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.


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