Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Author JANE HEALEY “The Saturday Evening Girl’s Club”

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  • Lindas Book Obsession Interview with Author JANE HEALEY, Author of “ The Saturday Evening Girl’s Club”.

  • What motivated you to write your Historical novel “The Saturday Evening Girls Club”(which I loved.


Thank you Linda! I’m so so thrilled you liked it. So I wrote the SEGC  after writing an article about their namesake pottery. I was fascinated about the story of these young, enterprising immigrant women and kept doing research long after I finished the article. I had never written fiction but I had always wanted to so I decided to finally give it a shot!


2.How did you research the time period and characters?


I did extensive research on the Saturday Evening Girls Club, the women who were members of the club and their mentors Helen Storrow and Edith Guerrier. I also researched what immigrant life was like for young women in a more general sense.

  1. Are any of the characters based on anyone that you personally know?


No, they are very much their own unique people in my mind now!


  1. What are some things you do in your ‘downtime” for pleasure? Do you have special hobbies?


On the weekends, one thing I love to do is watch movies (sometimes cheesy ones, usually romantic comedies) while I cook. On Thanksgiving I cooked all day and watched Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightly one). I don’t love to run and I’m not particularly good at it, but it’s become a big part of my life and I’m cranky when I’m not running consistently. It helps clear my head, and when I go with my friend/running partner it’s like therapy. I’m working on a new project now and I was really struggling with a chapter the other day – I went for a run and by the end of the run I had it all figured out. 


4***travel, cooking, pets, books, exercise, volunteering? etc.


I love to travel with my husband and two school-age daughters. My husband lived in France for awhile and we took our daughters there last summer which was pretty amazing. I have two cats Boots and Chip – they’re brothers we adopted from a shelter. I call them my editorial assistants b/c they often sit with me when I write.


As I mentioned I love cooking – especially this time of year when I can do a lot of soups, stews and slow-cooker type recipes (more time to watch movies!). 


  1. What are your expectations for your readers to take away from your book?


There are two proverbs included in the book that I think sum up the story’s major themes. One is a Jewish Proverb, “Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven.” The other is an Italian Proverb, “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” This is ultimately a story about women helping women across classes and cultures – and I think the story’s underlying themes are very relevant today.


  1. What are your favorite genres to read?


I love historical fiction of course, but I also love mysteries and thrillers. 


  1. Do you have plans for another book that you can share with us???


I do! I’m currently working on a project tentatively titled The Clubmobile Girls, about a group of Red Cross women in World War II. They supported the troops at the front lines of the war


  1. How would you like readers to contact, connect or ask questions to you??


I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (as @HealeyJane) and you can also connect with me via my website,


  1. How do you think things in the workplace have changed in modern times for women?XOXo


I think women have a lot more choices now of course, but, as in the case of the women in the novel there is still an element of having to work harder, to prove yourself more than a man has to prove himself.


  • Jane, I appreciate the time for the wonderful interview. Thank you so much for answering my questions. I highly recommend your book, and I know the readers will love it. Thank you so much again!
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