imageMy Review of “Not Perfect” by Elizabeth LaBan

What would you do if your husband left after a disagreement, and just seemed to  disappear? He is not answering your texts or your frantic telephone calls? Where is he? What is happening? After being so captivated and engrossed in “Not Perfect” by Elizabeth LaBan, these are many of the questions that I am left to think about. The author writes about the emotional pain and journey of Tabitha Brewer and her two children who seem to be abandoned. (emotionally and physically)

The genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and  some mystery is thrown in. I appreciate the way the author tells the layers of the story going back for clues to see why this happened. The author describes the characters as complicated and complex, angry, upset, and determined. I also see some of the characters as being resourceful and courageous.  For Tabitha Brewer, who has led what looks like a perfect life, this is embarrassing and humiliating. Tabitha doesn’t want anyone to know that she doesn’t have the money for food, soap, detergent and other common goods. She tries to do the best she can. Tabitha meets some colorful characters along the way as she struggles to try to do what she feels the best is for her family. Can she keep this secret forever?

All Tabitha can remember from the last letter that her husband left for her , he leaves a threatening comment, “I’ll tell them what you did”. Tabitha is not sure what he means or what she did.

Is anyone perfect?  The blurb on the book says “a poignant and relatable look at the facades we create in the futile pursuit of perfection.”

I appreciate that the author discusses issues of homelessness, abandonment, health insurance, poverty, food banks, and  emotional support. The author writes about the importance of family , friends,  forgiveness, love, faith and hope.  I would highly recommend this book for lovers of Women’s Fiction. I received an ARC of this book for my honest review.

2 comments on “MY REVIEW OF “NOT PERFECT” By Elizabeth LaBan”

  1. that books sounds perfect. …love a little mystery thrown in any book! Gonna have to rob a bank with all these fantastic reviews so I can read them ALL LOL…GREAT REVIEW


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