My Review of “A Matter of Chance” by Julie Maloney

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imageI loved everything about “A Matter of Chance” by Julie Maloney.  What would you do if your eight year daughter old disappeared within a few minutes of being in your sight? As a parent, how would you feel? Julie Maloney has an amazing style of writing that has  the reader captivated and glued to every descriptive word. The genres for this book are fiction, mystery, thriller, psychological thriller, and suspense. The timeline for this story is set within mostly a five year period taking you from a beach in New Jersey to  Germany to Brooklyn, and New York City.

The author describes her  characters as complex and  complicated due to the circumstances. Single artistic mom, Maddy Stewart and her precocious eight year old daughter Vinni are on the beach in New Jersey, when there is an emergency and an older man collapses on the beach. Maddy goes to call 911 and leaves her daughter with the wife. Only when Maddy returns, only the ambulance is on the scene with the deceased man. Where has her daughter gone? Maddy  meets with Detective  John D’Orfini , hysterically looking for clues about her daughter and the deceased man’s wife. How could they disappear without a trace?

Maddy does have the support system of Evelyn, her neighbor and an older woman who paints to express her feelings. Maddy’s friend Kay, and the detective  also offer emotional support as the investigation goes on. Maddy believes that Vinni is alive. This is not just a usual disappearance. Why does it seem like Vinni has been kidnapped? There are twists and turns and danger.  The FBI and the Police want Maddy to stop investigating by herself. The Russian Mafia and  others are giving Maddy  warnings to stay out of their business.

I loved the layers in this story, and the adventure. I admire Maddy’s determination , bravery and courage especially with adversity.  Instead of losing herself, Maddy finds a way of dealing and expressing her emotions.

I appreciate the way the author discusses the importance of mother and child bonding, family, friends, love, faith and hope. I would highly recommend this book to readers that like that intense feeling and being on edge. I received an Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review. Happy Reading!!

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