My Review of “Between Me and You” by Allison Winn Scotch

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IMG_0878My Review of “Between Me and You” by Allison Winn Scotch

Kudos to Allison Winn Scotch, Author of “Between Me and You’ for such an enjoyable and heartwarming novel.  The genres of this story are Fiction and Contemporary Fiction. The timeline of the story is within a twenty year period, going back only if it pertains to the events and characters,

I appreciate the way Allison Winn Scotch  makes her colorful cast of characters  so appealing and easy to relate to. The characters are complex and complicated.   The main two characters Ben and Tatum meet in  a bar. As two young adults, both are madly in love, very idealistic, and supportive.  Tatum is working in the bar and hopes to become an actress. and Ben is hoping to write screenplays and scripts for movies and television. Tatum comes from a dysfunctional family, with certain problems. Ben also comes from a family with a demanding father, and certain family responsibilities.

The chapters in the book alternate between Ben’s and Tatum’s perspective, and a difference in the timeline, the past and the present.

The author describes how life is easier when the couple is younger, and how they are challenged with adversity and fame.  As the couple marries, and becomes more successful there are new struggles and balances within the marriage.  Troubling family situations, and  the balance of fame and power occur throughout the years. There are secrets and betrayals.

Is it possible to rewrite the past? Is is possible for two people once strongly in love find themselves together again?

I appreciate that the author writes about current problems as drug and alcohol dependency and getting the proper therapy. I also find that the author discusses the importance of family relationships, friendships, trust , honest, forgiveness, hope and love. I would highly recommend this novel for readers who appreciate Contemporary fiction. I received An Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.


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