My Review of “The Road to Bittersweet” by Donna Everhart


IMG_1660My Review of “The Road to Bittersweet” by Donna Everhart

WOW!  Kudos to Donna Earhart, Author of “The Road to Bittersweet” for such an incredible, heartwarming and emotional journey. It was really difficult for me to put “The Road to Bittersweet” down, because I just had to see what happened. I love the author’s description and sounds and scenery of nature, the land, the water, and both the beauty and devastation that can occur.  It is just amazing the way Donna Earhart weaves her story and descriptions together.  The timeline of the story is 1940, and the story starts in Stampers Creek, North Carolina.

In this story the water seems to be symbolic.  The creek rises, and storms and a hurricane destroy what little home is left for 14-year-old Wallis Ann Stamper and her family.  The horrific storm causes deaths, and loss of livestock, homes, and almost separates the Stamper family, who luckily find each other. Having only themselves, and very little possessions, they seek to survive by leaving their destroyed homestead and travel on.

The author describes her characters facing and enduring crisis after crisis and emotional and physical hardship. Wallis Ann is my favorite character. Although she is young she is strong-willed, and physically determined to do what has to be done. Wallis Ann is left in charge of her younger baby brother, and her older sister Laci. Laci has never spoken any words, but is intellectually musically gifted. Laci can listen to any sound of music, and reproduce it.

The author describes this as an emotional journey as well as a physical one. It is a journey to finding oneself. I appreciate that the author stresses the importance of family, friends, emotional support, hard work, love, faith and hope. I would highly recommend this bittersweet , captivating, and intriguing story. Happy Reading !

6 comments on “My Review of “The Road to Bittersweet” by Donna Everhart”

  1. I have found in this review myself being pulled in, crises after crises one thing after another. I believe if I was to have ever to wroten a book that would of been the name I would of choosen “the road to Bittersweet”! Now I will have to read.❣️


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