My Review of “The Secret Life of Mrs. London” by Rebecca Rosenberg


My Review of “The Secret Life of Mrs. London” by Rebecca Rosenberg.     Lake Union Publishing, January 30, 2018

Rebecca Rosenberg , the Author of “The Secret Life of Mrs. London” has written an entertaining and captivating novel. I appreciate the way that Rebecca Rosenberg weaves the Genres of Historical Fiction and Fiction into her story. The timeline for this story is approximately 1915 in San Francisco, and takes place in other locations as well. This story takes place on the brink of World War One.

The author describes  her characters as complex and complicated. This novel and characters would make a sensational movie. Some of the characters are motivated by power, political agendas, philosophy, self-worth, jealously, competitive natures, intelligence, creativity, artistic and literary  achievements, romance and emotions and desires.

Charmaine London is the wife of famous writer Jack London. Charmaine types Jack’s stories and is at times a sounding board for his ideas, and at other times possibly a formidable partner in marriage. In this story, there seems to be  the mention of feeling “free”. At times Charmaine seems dependent and held back by  Jack’s  possessive and jealous nature. Charmaine has also dabbled in writing, and at times wants the independence.  Charmaine, her aunt, Jack’s sister seem to exist together in a dysfunctional way. Jack sometimes behaves in a toxic way, and it reflects in his health and the way he invests his finances.

During a magic show, Charmaine is pulled out of the audience by Magician Harry Houdini, to participate in his act. Harry Houdini is charismatic ,creative and motivated in his own way. Harry Houdini’s marriage is strange to say the least.  There is an immediate attraction between Charmaine and Harry.  Harry also enjoys risk and danger.

I was fascinated by the historical background, and both men’s lives. I would highly recommend this novel to readers that enjoy, Historical Fiction. I received a copy of this Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.

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    1. Can’t wait to hear what you think, Alison! I hope you find the Londons and Houdinis as fascinating as I did!
      I hope you’ll review on Goodreads and Amazon to help me share the word!

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