My Review of “Not That I Could Tell” by Jessica Strawser


image_538358005093615My Review of “Not That I Can Tell” by Jessica Strawser

Can you imagine having a girl’s night out around the Fire Pit in a neighbor’s backyard, and not realizing, that come the morning, one of the women and her children are gone? In this mystery and fiction novel, “Not That I Could Tell” by Jessica Strawser ,the reader is     left wondering what has happened and why?

Jessica Strawser describes her characters as complicated and complex. Each one of the characters in this story have their own problems, secrets, and a crisis of their own. The story takes place in a “quirky” small town in Ohio. The missing mother Kristin and her twin children are gone. Kristen had been in the process of a divorce. The hostess of the gathering the night before Clara, and the other women can provide no information of what happened the night before. It just seems that Kristin has left without a trace.

The first person the police often look into is the husband. Kristin’s ex-husband Paul is a prominent doctor. As the Police look into the investigation, it becomes, he said, she said.

In this novel there are some twists and turns. There are some clues, but not all the pieces of this puzzle seem to fit. This is an intriguing and captivating story,

I appreciate that the author brings up the significant topics of spousal abuse, and the problems of getting help.  The author discusses the importance of family, neighbors, and a support system as well as forgiving, love and hope. I would recommend this story for those readers who enjoy a mystery. I received an Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.

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