Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Author Nina Sadowsky, “The Burial Society”



Nina :         I’m happy to answer your questions so here goes!


  1. What were your motivations in writing the The Burial Society?


Two key things are at the heart of my process: theme and character.The themes of The Burial Society are reinvention, courage in the face of change, redemption and moral ambiguity.


I chose a thriller lens because I believe the heightened stakes inherent in the genre mirror our own highly pitched emotional states when faced with change. All of us seem to struggle with change, even when its a change we want (like losing ten pounds or giving up smoking). We wrestle with many of the sudden changes thrust upon us (illness or death, for example). Even happy changes can be incredibly stressful (like planning a wedding or buying a house).


As a woman who has reinvented herself several times over, I have first hand experience of the challenges inherent in the process.I’ve discovered courage, humility, resilience and a sense of humor essential personally. I created my protagonist, Catherine, as a much braver, cooler, but also more damaged alter ego through which to explore these concepts.



  1. What would you like your readers to get out of your story?


I want to create characters to whom readers will relate, even if they would never act in the way the characters do. I believe it’s an author’s job to create empathy, anxiety and then catharsis between the novel and the reader, which is accomplished through character. In examining the darkness in humanity, I’m hope I’m also finding the light.


My goal is to also be culturally relevant and reflective. My first novel, JUST FALL, shone a light on the horrors of human trafficking, while asking the more personal question: where are we willing to compromise ourselves in the name of romantic love?


The Burial Society explores the challenges of change and reinvention but also asks questions about our increasingly morally grey world. When is it right to do the wrong thing for the right reason? How is perspective used as a rationale for amoral acts? When should one compromise a personal moral code in service of the “greater good?” I don’t presume to answer any of these questions but I relish the idea that my books might get others to pose these or similar questions to themselves or others. If my work both entertained and sparked conversation about our complicated world, I would be thrilled.



  1. Are you writing another book and if you are, can you tell us what it is about?


I’m delighted to report that I am currently writing THE EMPTY BED: A BURIAL SOCIETY NOVEL and have also made a deal for a third book in the series. THE EMPTY BED explores the personal cost of secrets and lies, set against a landscape of international bribery and corruption.Two members of The Burial Society travel to Hong Kong in search of a young American wife who’s gone missing and whose husband is suspected of her murder. Their investigation leads them down a spiral where ancient tradition smacks up against modern day evil.


  1. In your downtime what hobbies do you have, or how do you relax?


I’m a dedicated collagist, and often create work in tandem with my writing process. Most of my work is made from found objects (or as my husband would say “junk”) that I pick up constantly. I’ve made works from such diverse things as maps, tickets stubs, receipts and bags from my travels, the forlorn and broken remnants at the bottom of my mom’s jewelry box after she died, or the cards from my baby shower (with the sonogram of my daughter at the center). I’m also a constant reader, a lover of music (both at home and concerts), and a workout disciplinarian because CHOCOLATE.


5.What are your favorite genres to read?


I read a lot of thriller and suspense as its my genre. I’ll read anything by Kate Atkinson (and maybe twice).I recently read Susan David’s “Emotional Agility,” which is psychology. I also love historical fiction. Basically, I’m a happily omnivorous reader, with a heavy fiction emphasis.


  1. How would you like your readers to contact you?


Any way they like!  I love engaging with readers.


Through my website readers can sign up for my monthly “Dispatches from the Cheerfully Dark Mind of Nina Sadowsky,” a newsletter in which I share viewing and reading recommendations, work updates, and my HOLLYWOOD DECODED column in which I answer questions about the film business based on my 20+ years as an insider.


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Thank you so much Nina Sadowsky for your generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness. I appreciate the answers to my questions that I am sure Lindas Book Obsession  friends, followers, and readers would love to learn about you.


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