My Review of “Cemetery Girl” by David Bell

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image_539193815256471My Review of “Cemetery Girl ” by David Bell

Well, David Bell, author of “Cemetery Girl”, I blame you for another sleepless night. I had to start your book, and I couldn’t put it down!! So I do have a WARNING for all readers, don’t read this before you go to sleep, or you will have dark circles under your eyes!! This is an intense, suspenseful, chilling, thrilling and captivating read.

Can you even imagine if your child was missing for four years, and then was found walking along the road, and brought home? Isn’t this every parent’s nightmare? In this day and age, we pick up a newspaper and read about kidnappings, murders and terrible crimes. As parents do you blame yourselves? Can you imagine everything that you have gone through for four years? Can you imagine what your daughter has gone through?

David Bell is an amazing storyteller and his descriptions are vivid and detailed. He describes his characters as complex and complicated. There are twists and turns and ups and downs. This fells like a crazy roller coaster ride.  The genre is fiction, mystery, suspense and thriller, and yet at times it feels so very real. Well, you know the daughter is home after four years being somewhere. This has taken a toll on the parents. The father is obsessed to find out what happened. Don’t you want to know?

I would highly recommend this book to readers that enjoy a great thriller and suspenseful story. Just be prepared that things are not like they seem, and several characters could be suspect. Again, this comes with a WARNING: Do not read before you go to sleep!!! Happy Reading !!  “Cemetery Girl” has a new cover, and is in a new paperback edition which comes out  February 6, 2018.

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