My Review of “Wish Me Home” by Kay Bratt

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image_540036375061689My Review of “Wish Me Home” by Kay Bratt

My Review of “Wish Me Home” by Kay Bratt

Kudos to Kay Bratt, Author of “Wish Me Home” for writing such an emotional, and heartwarming, sensitive and enjoyable novel.  The Genres of this novel are Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, and Women’s Fiction.

Kay Bratt describes her colorful characters as flawed, complex , complicated and for the most part likable.  Cara and Hana are twin sisters that have been brought up in a negligent foster system for the most part. Issues such as betrayal and trust seem to be a large part of their lives. Hana seems to be the lead controlling twin, but does suffer from bouts of depression.

After a traumatic situation, Cara finds herself on the road with hopes of seeing Hemingway’s home, one of her favorite authors. After her car breaks down, she is traveling with very little cash, and determination she will walk the hundreds of miles. A homeless dog is following Cara. The last thing Cara need is anything else alive to take care of, but she becomes attached and names the dog Hemi, short for Hemingway.

Symbolically Cara’s physical journey turns into and emotional journey as she stumbles upon good and giving people for the most part that ask for nothing in return for their kindness.  When Cara and Hana were little their one wish was to “Wish Me Home”. More than anything Cara wants a home and to be loved.

Is it possible for Cara to let herself find a home and love? Is it possible for Cara to be able to make her own decisions?

I appreciate that Kay Bratt brings up such significant topics in today’s society such as mental illness, depression, the foster system, adoption, and seeking professional help when it is needed. I love that the author uses the example of working with animals to get their perfect home as well.  This is such a wonderful book that I highly recommend to readers of Women’s Fiction and Contemporary Fiction. This is the first novel that I have read by Kay Bratt, and I look forward to reading more of her novels.

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