Meet Author Emily Cavanagh, Author of “The Bright Beauty” and “The Bloom Girls”. An Interview with Lindas Book Obsession and Emily Cavanagh

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  1. What is your motivation or inspiration in writing your books?

Probably one of my biggest inspirations is being a mother. Somehow that seems to make its way into all of my writing, though I rarely set out with that intention. I’m also fascinated by relationships, the way we show or don’t show love and affection, how relationships take on certain patterns over time that become inherent to the way we interact. I’m a constant observer.


2  .What  are your goals or what would you like your readers to take away with them after they read your books?

I never write with any “message” in mind for my readers, so I hope that when someone reads my books, they’ll have that feeling where you get completely absorbed by the world of the story. I hope the writing and the characters will ring true so that the reader is able to step outside of herself and fall into the world of the book. As much as I love to read, it’s the rare story that will captivate me and that I’ll then return to in my mind later. I hope to be able to give that experience to the reader.


  1. Do you base your characters in your stories on any one personally that you might know?

I don’t usually use real people as characters because I find it too difficult to separate the real person from the character. I do, however, use real people when I’m describing a character’s appearance because it helps me to imagine their physical features. Sometimes I need to be able to picture the character to better get to know him or her.


  1. How do you feel after writing such heartwarming and emotional books dealing with family and controversial topics? (Mental Illness,  etc)

Terrified that I didn’t get it right! Any time I’m writing about experiences that are not my own (which is usually), I worry that I haven’t done the subject justice. The issues that I tend to be drawn toward, are not usually easy. This Bright Beauty is about mental illness, which is such a deeply personal and complex topic and there’s always the fear that I haven’t captured it humanely or truthfully enough.


  1. What are things that you enjoy doing during your downtime(hobbies), etc.?  Do you do special crafts, have pets, etc.


I’m a big reader as you’d expect, so my nightstand is usually piled high. I also love to cook, particularly on the weekends when I have more time. Even more than the actual cooking, though, I love looking at cooking magazines and dog-earing recipes, most of which I’ll never make. For some reason, I find something very relaxing about flipping through a cooking magazine without the pressure of having to follow the recipe.


  1. How would you like your readers to contact you or learn more about you?

The can read more about me and my books at my website, I’m also active on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Instagram and can be found under these names:B: @emilymcavanagh77

Twitter: @emilymcavanagh

Instagram: @emilycavanaghauthor

Goodreads: Emily Maine Cavanagh

Amazon link: This-Bright-Beauty-Emily- Cavanagh/dp/154204779X


  1. Are you in the process of writing a new book, and if so, can you give us a “little information?”

I’m always in the process of writing something! Most recently I finished a manuscript that is a domestic thriller and takes place on a fictional island very similar to Martha’s Vineyard, which is where I live. It revolves around the murder of a young woman and how the small year-round community is impacted.


  1. What are your favorite genres of books to read?


I tend to read in the same genre as I write—so usually a blend of women’s fiction, literary fiction, and domestic thrillers. Every now and then I like to throw in a gritty English mystery. And the cooking magazines, of course.



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