My Review of “My Name is Venus Black” By Heather LLOYD

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My Review of “My Name is Venus Black” by Heather Lloyd

“My Name is Venus Black” by Heather Lloyd is a unique and captivating novel. The genres for this Novel  are Fiction with a very slight essence of Mystery thrown in to the mix. The author describes her characters as complicated and complex.

Venus Black is a 13-year-old teenager when she is arrested for a terrible crime, which the reader is not totally sure about until later in the book. Venus was fascinated with Astronomy and an A student. What caused Venus to deviate from her excellent behavior? This crime sends Venus to prison, and tears her family apart. Her younger mentally challenged brother goes missing at the same time that Venus is in prison. Venus has tremendous hatred and anger towards her mother.

When Venus is released from prison, about 5 years later, she wants to avoid the past, and changes her name, and hopes this will change her future. Venus does meet some people who are meaningful to her with her new identity and name. Everything seems to be working out, until she is recognized as Venus.

Will Venus ever be able to have a normal life, without being haunted by the past? What has become of her brother who has disappeared?  Is it possible to forgive what happened in the past? I would recommend this intriguing read. I received an Advanced Reading Copy from LibraryThing for my honest review.


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