My Review of “This Could Hurt” By Jillian Medoff

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My Review of “This Could Hurt” by Jillian Medoff

Jillian Medoff , Author of “This Could Hurt”, has written a unique and intriguing novel that combines big business with personal lives. The genre of this novel is fiction.Jillian Medoff  describes her characters as complex, complicated, lonely, confused, flawed and emotional perhaps due to the circumstances of the times.

In our society, everyone has to  work to pay the bills, and some people are lucky to find a job that offers them everything that they are looking at. There are professional people who are doctors, nurses, teachers, police-officers, postal-workers, government employees, and many others that work in set organizations. In Jillian Medoff’s novel, the setting is a big company that holds the executives responsible, who  hold the employees responsible for productivity.  At Ellery Consumer Research, financial changes occur with the economic climate. The bottom line is to produce more, with costs being less. Often that means instead of hiring, letting go and firing employees. Of course this is very stressful.

At Ellery Consumer Research we get to glimpse at the lives of several people and their life in the workplace and out of the workplace.  Rosa  is one of the women who made it to the top of the corporate ladder.  She tries to meet and anticipate the needs of her staff, even though she has a high pressure job. Rosa does try to be fair, and this is even more stressful, as she finds out  who is loyal and those who betray the company. There is a big difference in living to work, and working to live.

Not everyone can take the stress, and several of the employees are lonely and looking for a relationship. Some are looking for friends. Some of the characters are go-getters and others are lazy and don’t carry their weight.  Rosa tries to find a balance between what is good for her employees, and what benefits the company.

When something traumatic occurs, everyone is forced to take a deep look at what they really want.  For those who enjoy some controversy and a different type of novel, I would highly recommend this.





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