My Review of “Three Days Missing” By Kimberly Belle

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Kimberly Belle, Author of “Three Days Missing” has written a suspenseful mystery, captivating, and intriguing psychological thriller.  This is an intense story with twists and turns, betrayal, lies, and questionable motives. The author describes her colorful cast of  characters as intense, complex, complicated, flawed, quirky, dysfunctional, jealous, angry and suspect.

This novel is about every parent’s nightmare. You send your  9-year-old child on an overnight school trip, to find the police pounding on your door to tell you your child is missing. What does “Missing” mean? As time moves on, there seems to be a frustrating feeling of hopelessness and despair.

The lives of two women seem to be related. Both of their sons are on this trip. One is the Mayor’s wife, wealthy and composed, and the other is the victim of domestic abuse that  ends her marriage.  Why has this happened to a nine-year old boy? Will he able to be found in time? Who could be responsible?

The author brings up significant topics such as physical and emotional spousal abuse, bullying in the classroom, political corruption, and the effects of lies and betrayal. Also discussed is the importance of a loving and supportive family, friends and community.

I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy mystery, suspense, psychological  thriller and fiction. I received an ARC for my honest review.



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