My Review of “The Book of Separation” by Tova Mirvis

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IMG_1313My Review of “The Book of Separation” by Tova Mirvis

Kudos to Tova Mirvis, Author  of “The Book of Separation”  for such an honest, emotional and courageous Memoir.  Can you imagine questioning why things have to be a certain way? Or imagine thinking of leaving a toxic situation, but are too afraid of what the unknown is? Or being so unhappy, and afraid of the consequences of making a change?

In “The Book of Separation, Tova  Mirvis  writes a memoir about  leaving her marriage and the Orthodox Jewish rules and rituals she has grown up with.  Tova writes in such a positive way  about her dysfunctional  marriage and questioning her religious faith.  What makes it  exceptionally difficult is that Tova has three children, and wants the best for them.

This is a memoir of searching for oneself, questioning, and maintaining a balance in life. As Tova becomes free, she starts to experience life in a way she never has before. She takes trips, tries new food, and enjoyable activities.  As Tova deals with her new freedom, she also has to visit with the past because of her family. I recommend this intriguing and heartwarming memoir for those readers that enjoy reading Nonfiction and memoirs.

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