My Review of “Limelight” By Amy Poeppel

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My Review of “Limelight” by Amy Poeppel

“Limelight” by Amy Poeppel is such an enjoyable, amusing, delightful and entertaining novel!! I had such fun reading this and had difficulty putting the book down. The genres for this Novel are Fiction and Women’s Fiction.

Can you imagine uprooting your family from Dallas Texas to New York City?  If that isn’t a shock, how about accidentally bumping your car into a BMW that you find out belongs to a young celebrity?

I love the way Amy Poeppel describes her colorful cast of characters. I found that the characters, even while doing inappropriate things are likable. Allison Brinkley and her family move to New York City. Her husband has a terrific job opportunity, and Allison has a wonderful teaching job, for the moment.  Allison’s daughter is a senior in high school, and her other two children have adjustments to make as well.  Allison loses her teaching job, when the person she is replacing wants her job back. Allison finds another position to tutor, for the moment. That doesn’t work out either.  Oh, don’t worry about Allison.

It seems that the young celebrity demands that Allison come to his apartment after he finds the note she left when she hit his car. The Celebrity reminds me  little of Justin Bieber. Carter Reid, the celebrity is supposed to be in a Broadway show. Notice I mention supposed to be. Somehow, Allison finds herself in charge of a stubborn, unpredictable juvenile celebrity. How is Allison going to get Carter Reid to  act like a professional?

Allison is going to Broadway, and her family may never be the same again. I highly recommend this charming, delicious and witty novel for those readers who appreciate Women’ s Fiction. I received an ARC for my honest review.


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