Day: April 9, 2018

My Review of “Beauty in the Broken Places: A Memoir of Love, Faith and Resilience”

MY REVIEW OF “BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN PLACES: A MEMOIR OF LOVE, FAITH AND RESILIENCE” Allison Pataki, Author of “Beauty in the Broken Places : A Memoir of Love, Faith and Resilience” has written an amazing, emotional, heart-wrenching ,captivating and thoughtful memoir. Can you imagine a  thiry year old  pregnant woman,  and her thirty year old

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Skip to content Linda Mahkovec – Author Welcome Books Blog Contact BLOG Flowering doorways PUBLISHED ON April 7, 20186 Comments   There’s something about a flowering doorway that moves the heart, that speaks of beauty and happiness. It greets those who enter by framing them with fragrance, color, and loveliness, and when leaving the abode,

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MY REVIEW OF ‘THE GARDEN HOUSE’ BY LINDA MAHKOVEC I love everything about “The Garden House” by Linda Mahkovec. Linda Mahkovec writes  stories about Love, Beauty and Meaning! In this heartwarming and emotional touching story, Linda describes the landscape and gorgeous flowers, the home, the people in all ways that touch the senses. Miranda is

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