Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Linda Mahkovec on “The Garden House”

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  • 1. What was your motivation or inspiration in writing The Garden House?
    There were several things that inspired the idea behind The Garden House. The main one came from the seven years I lived in Seattle. I was struck by the long growing season there, the intense green, and the profusion of flowers– especially the years I lived on Queen And Hill. I used to take so many walks, up and down the hill climbs, and along 8th Avenue where there was a breathtaking view of the Sound. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever lived. So that  was the larger motivation, but the spark came from a disturbing dream I had– similar to the initial dream the protagonist, Miranda, has. It was a thread I had to follow.
    2. What are your goals for the reader to take away after reading?
    To create the life you want, not to wait for it to come along. To find beauty and meaning in small daily pleasures. To connect- (Howard’s End style) to people, to life, to happiness. To live in a frame of mind and heart that is both receptive and giving.
    3. How would you compare The Christmastime Series to The Garden House?
    Thematically, they’re very similar – love, home, family, with a female artist protagonist who’s trying to figure out her life, and who actively seeks out beauty and meaning. The time and setting, of course, make the stories very different.The Garden House is a contemporary novel set in Seattle, The Christmastime Series takes place during the WW Two years, mostly in New York City, with a subplot in rural Illinois.
    4. Can you tell us something of what you are writing now?
    I’m determined to complete The Christmastime Series this year. I’m almost done with a short prequel, “Christmastime 1939”. And I’ve started the final book, “Christmastime 1945”.
    5. How should readers connect with you?
    Readers can connect with me through my website –
    When they sign up for my newsletter, they’ll receive a short story from my book, “Seven Tales of Love”
     And my email address is listed there for anyone who wants to write to me. I love to hear from my readers!

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