My Review of “The Favorite Sister” by Jessica Knoll


IMG_2416My Review of “The Favorite Sister” by Jessica Knoll

I would like to thank NetGalley,  Author Jessica Knoll and Publisher Simon and Schuster for the ARC of “My Favorite Sister” by Jessica Knoll for my honest opinion and review. The Genres for this Novel are Women’s Fiction, Fiction,  with an essence of Suspense and Mystery. I feel there is also an element of satire in this as well. The story takes place mostly  in New York City.

The author describes her characters as dysfunctional, complex, complicated, diverse,and possibly pathological.  The main characters are wealthy,  successful women who are in a reality show called “The Goal Diggers”. They each have a goal, or charity they are supposed to be supportive of.  The whole setting reminds me of “The Real Housewives”.

The producers set the stage for betrayals, lies, and what viewers might want to see. In their real lives, these women are competitive, jealous, have dark secrets and do not play nicely together. They aren’t a good example of sisterhood. What is totally unexpected is murder.

At this point I do want to mention that not every book is a good fit for every reader. I struggled and found this difficult to get into. At the beginning, many of the scenes seemed repetitive. I also didn’t enjoy the backstabbing, plotting and aggressive behavior of the women.  This was a difficult read for me,  and I did stay the course.  I would suggest that many readers keep an open mind and may find that the setting and story are a perfect read for themselves.


2 comments on “My Review of “The Favorite Sister” by Jessica Knoll”

  1. I randomly came across your site and review of “The Favorite Sister,” and really appreciated the gentle – but insightful – way that you chose to critique it

    Often, I find book reviews just so harsh that I decide the reviewer is someone who has, perhaps, never penned a novel and/or that they would not be a pleasant person to know.

    I am now “marketing” my debut Roman a clef and want to know is I sent you a copy, if you would consider reviewing it?

    My final question: do you have a posted review of Knoll’s “Luckiest Girl Alive?”

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Hi Ivy, Usually the review you see is copied to Goodreads @teachlz, LibraryThing, BookBrowse, and FB Lindas Book Obsession. When Published it is on Amazon @teachlz and Barnes and Noble @teachlz. I am a retired teacher, and have dabbled in writing in the past. I support authors and the hard work they do. When I taught Kindergarten (I taught k-6), I always told the children , they don’t have to like a story, but they had to tell why, and what they would like to add to make it better. Believe it or not, even at that young age, when the children realized what was expected they could do that. I have seen some reviews that are cruel, and don’t make any sense.I could go on and on. That said reading and reviewing is my love, but I am not bombarded with many book to read and review. I am actually overwhelmed. I also have my Blog, and that has taken a life of its own. I can’t give any promises at this time to any actual dates. Thank you for writing me. Best, Linda


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