My Review “How to Walk Away” by Katherine Center



My Review of “How to Walk Away” by Katherine Center       St. Martins Press             Publishing Date, May 29,2018

“How to Walk Away” by Katherine Center is an amazing, captivating, riveting, intriguing and intense novel.  I appreciate Katherine Center’s detailed descriptive writing, that makes this story feel so very real.

The Genres of this story are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, with an essence of Romance. The timeline for the story is mostly in the present, and goes back a few years when it pertains to the characters of events.

The author describes the characters, their problems and their emotions vividly.   A few of the characters are not likable, but shallow, and capable of betrayal. A few of the characters are courageous, strong, loyal, and brave. There are some deep secrets that can destroy everyone involved.

Margaret Jacobson, seems to have everything in life that she has wanted. Margaret has recently graduated college, and has a fantastic job, a fiancée, and all great things to look forward to. Until she doesn’t. The night that her boyfriend proposes to her becomes the best and worst night of her life.

After a tragic accident, Margaret realizes that nothing is the same at all. As she fights for her life, she realizes that she will have to have hope, faith, and be strong in her journey to get well. I love the way the author describes the importance of family , love, emotional support, hope, faith, and forgiveness. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review. I would recommend this heart-breaking , and heartwarming novel for readers of Women’s Fiction.

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