My Review of “The Mourning Parade” by Dawn Reno Langley

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My Review of “The Mourning Parade” by Dawn Reno Langley  Amberjack Publishing Company   February ,2018IMG_3133My Review of “The Mourning Parade” by Dawn Reno Langley

WOW! Dawn Reno Langley, Author of “The Mourning Parade” has written a captivating, intriguing, emotional and thought-provoking novel. The Genres for this story are Fiction, with a trace of Historical Fiction. At times this novel reads like something one would see in a National Geographic Magazine, or program. The author used amazing detailed and vivid descriptions. The timeline of the story is mostly in the present and goes to the past only when it pertains to the characters or events. The story takes place mostly an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

The authors describe her characters as complex and complicated. Veterinarian Natalie DeAngela is tormented after her two sons are killed in a school shooting,   Natalie heads to Thailand to volunteer with abused and sick elephants in a special sanctuary. Natalie wants to escape from her tormented dreams. Little does she realize how difficult this job will be for her. One of the senior Veterinarians dislikes Natalie, The customs and weather in this country are difficult to handle.

One of the elephants, Sophie has been severely abused and has a severe infection in her leg. Sophie does not trust anyone, especially men, and can be dangerous. Natalie somehow makes it her mission to save Sophie. Natalie wants to win the elephants trust, and spends nights sleeping near her, and singing to her. She is almost like an elephant-whisperer. The other Veterinarian wants to put Sophie down because she can be unpredictable and dangerous to people and the other elephants. How can Natalie work miracles?

There is poaching nearby and political unrest, and it is extremely dangerous. There are twist and turns.

I appreciated the symbolism of broken people and abused animals, and the traumas they have endured. The author discusses the importance of self-worth and finding oneself, and kindness.

I would recommend this novel to those readers, who enjoy a serious and riveting read.




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