Linda Book Obsession Interviews Dawn Reno Langley “The Mourning Parade”

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IMG_3133kcwwaOz2Rfq0Gc8OOGmzggLindas Book Obsession Interviews Dawn Reno Langley

1.What was your motivation or inspiration for writing  “The Mourning Parade”?

My mother collected all kinds of elephant doo-dads through the years, and when she passed, I inherited some of them. I remember her speaking about the elephants’ family structure and began doing some research. When I went on a trip with a friend to Thailand, I volunteered at an elephant sanctuary, and the experience became the impetus I needed to write the novel.


2.What are your goals for the readers to take away with them after reading your book?

I’d love it if people could understand what we’re doing to the animals with whom we share this earth. And I’d be ecstatic if those who use guns could gain some understanding of the pain they inflict.

3.What are your favorite genres of books?

I love literary fiction or historical fiction, though I must admit that reading fantasy takes me away from my own world. I grew up in libraries, so I’ve read just about everything!


  1. What are hobbies or things you like to do in your downtime?

I review theater/dance/music throughout the Triangle here in North Carolina, I travel all over the world, I have a garden that includes (in a very small space) veggies, wildflowers and roses, and I photograph anything that moves.


  1. How do you keep a balance in your life between family and writing?

I live alone, so I write pretty much all day every day. Not much of a balance, is there? I spend as much time as I can with my grandson and my daughter, and I share time with my precious friends.


6.What made you decide to become a writer?

I don’t know, honestly. I’ve been a writer since I could put a sentence together. My first article was published when I was 9 years old.


7.What is a typical day in the life of @Dawn Reno Langley?

I walk Izzy (my Schichon, the escape artist) around 6:30 AM, and when I come back to the house, my day begins with email and social media for an hour or two, then it’s time to write. I have writing clients and a class I teach, and I tend to those first, then it’s time for my own writing.


8.Can you tell us of any writing projects that you have on the table? (any hints that you give us)

Currently, I’m working on a nonfiction book called You Are the Divine Feminine, which is due out next year, and I’m also writing a novel called Twenty-Three about three women who get their DNA tests done and take a trip together based on the results. Two of them are sisters and the third is their niece, and they believe they know their family well. They don’t.


9.How should readers connect with you? They can catch me on Facebook at on Instagram @proflangley or Twitter @proflangley, on Goodreads, or on my website:



Dawn Reno Langley

Check out The Mourning Parade from Amberjack Publishing!




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